About us



Mejuicer is an award winning, sustainable ginger shot making company headed up by founder, Joe Roberts-Walker. Joe started the company in January 2021 after spending a long winter in lockdown and desperate to become a key worker. The aim was to provide community driven nutrition in a sustainable way. 

Joe has no previous academic background in juicing, but he did know how good carrot and ginger juice was and couldn't understand why it wasn't so readily available. He began to research and realised there were very few fresh options available. This was the moment he realised there was a gaping chasm in the fresh beverages market. Joe began making juices for friends and family, and as an ex-market research professional, followed up with feedback forms. The feedback was glowing and on January 21st 2021 Mejuicer was officially born.

In the following weeks he began creating recipes for what have become our signature ginger shots. The best in the juice business. 

Joe went full time with the business in July 2021 and has since delivered juices across London as well expanding corporate adventures. 

We have no idea where we want the business to be in 5 years time, but the plan is grow a team and company that appreciates the resources of our planet, the needs of our customers, and the wellbeing and general happiness of our community. 


Mejuicer is all about delivering the freshest and tastiest juices to the local community in a sustainable way to demonstrate that things can be done differently.

Mission 1: Get the community to appreciate processless juice 

Our juices are juiced and bottled....that's it. Your juices do not need added sugar, water, citrus, or heat treatment to taste delicious. In fact they taste so much better when made fresh, using raw ingredients and delivered direct to you as quickly possible

Mission 2: Get the community to change their consumption habits 

We don't have to use single use plastics so wastefully. Our community of conscious customers are changing their consumption behaviours which we hope will provide wider cultural influence and subsequent attitude and behavioural changes. We want to reduce the demand for the unnecessary creation of new things. We do not proclaim to be inventing anything new, in fact the collection and reuse of glass is the way previous generations got their deliveries from the milkman. We instead want to learn from the past and help inform our future. To make the reuse of glassware a customary once more.