Things people ask us because we clearly haven't communicated it well enough 

Do you wear a hairnet when you juice?


How long do the juices last for?

All ginger shots are best before 5 days. We recommend you keep them nice and cool in the fridge, and if you want to extend the shelf life you can pop them in the freezer.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver across the majority of London, as well as parts of Surrey and Brighton. Our website will only allow for delivery to certain postcodes but always drop us an email or message on Instagram to see if we can make an exception to facilitate your order.

Do you reuse the glass?


Reuse is the pinnacle of sustainability. 

We bottle it, you drink it, you rinse it, you put it out for collection, we collect it, we clean it, we reuse it 

This means fewer unnecessary new bottles needed, reducing the demand on manufacturing and subsequent carbon emissions

How do I return the glass?

Once you have enjoyed and finished your juices we ask you to please rinse your glassware and hold onto them. DO NOT RECYCLE THEM and DO NOT BIN THEM! Instead, when you are ready to reorder, we simply ask you to leave the empty jars and bottles on your doorstep or in the safe space that was arranged for the initial delivery. Someone from the team will scoop the empties up and deliver your next fresh batch of juice. 

What time can I expect my delivery?

We deliver the vast majority of juices overnight between 9pm-7am. This helps us avoid unnecessary emissions and wasting time in traffic. Our delivery service is very similar to that of the traditional milkman. We deliver the juices on your doorstep or the nominated safe space you provide in the delivery instructions.

What if I live in a high rise or block of flats and you can't access my doorstep late at night?

We will never ring the doorbell late at night unless you ask us to. Delivery to high rises is a challenge, but not one that can't be overcome. We ask you to provide clear delivery instructions directing us to a concierge or an alternative safe space for delivery. This isn't often the most glamourous form of delivery but it can be effective. Our high rise customers often prefer to have their delivery placed in recycling bins, in sheds, or foliage. 

Whilst we can't pretend this doesn't add risk, we've had few issues in the past. If the juice does not make it to you in the morning we will issue a refund, but we wouldn't deliver to that address again. 

Our best advice would be to get the juices delivered to a nearby friend who has an accessible doorstep overnight.  

What is a naughty customer?

A naughty customer is a customer who doesn't play their role in helping the sustainability cycle keep on spinning. It's crucial to the planet as well as our business model that we reuse our glassware. A naughty customer would either forget to put out their empties or have a total disregard for sustainability and our values by chucking them in the recycling / standard bin. We of course understand people forget, and we also do not want anyone to wake in the middle of the night with the fear that they forgot to put out the empties. However, we do need our glass back and operate a 3 excuses and you're out policy!