Mejuicer's Subscription Service

Subscribe & Save 

Your loyalty and support deserves to be rewarded, and we'd love to show you how much you mean to us by offering 10% off your orders if you sign up to either our weekly or fortnightly subscription service. 

It's really simple to do, and I would recommend creating an account on our website so you can manage your subscription going forward. 

To create an account click this link, or alternatively click the little bald fella icon in the top right and it will take you through to the login page. Then click on the link to create an account, takes around 15 seconds to do.



Once this is done, click the button that says ‘start subscribing’ and order as normal. You’ll then be given the choice to opt-in to the subscription that suits your juice needs best (delivery every 7 / 14 days).

How to manage your subscription 

After making your first subscription order you'll be informed that this is a life commitment and there is no going back.

Haha no no, you will have full control to pause, skip, edit, and cancel your order whenever you need to. Increasing or decreasing your order at your discretion. 

Follow these steps to manage your subscription: 

Click 'View and edit your subscription'


Click 'View your subscription' 



Click on 'change' to manage and edit your subscription. If you scroll to the bottom of the page on the right hand side you'll also have the option to 'skip'


This should reduce some of the admin in all our lives

Thanks so much, Mejuicer